Arise and Shine Uganda – The Kibuye Village

On Monday March 26th I joined Renate from Arise and Shine Uganda and we travelled out to the  Kibuye Village where Arise and Shine Uganda has community education programs and a school. The journey out there included an hour and a half in the public taxi vans and then an hour plus doubled up on a ‘boda’ – motorcycle taxi through single track dirt roads and weaving in and out of other communities. We finally reached the Kibuye Village which is in the Kamuli District and part of the Busoga Kingdom.

The founder of Arise and Shine Uganda is a woman named Sharon who was born in the Kibuye Village and then attended school in Jinja. Years later she has founded the organization and they have constructed a school for the people in their village and surrounding villages. Upon arrival we were greated by Sharon’s mother and grandmother and it was wonderful to meet them. We walked over to the school that Arise and Shine Uganda built just over a year ago. Upon completion they had 70 children enrolled and now, only a year later, there are over 200 kids attending the school. They have three classrooms and two more under construction. In the meantime they are holding classes outside and making the most with their resources. Before this school was built there were limited options for many of these children to get an education. Arise and Shine Uganda also has volunteers who spend weeks at a time living in the village and holding programs and teaching adult literacy classes in the evenings.

After spending some time at the school we went down to the water front where locals fish on Lake Kyogo. While talking with the fisherman we saw rain clouds rolling in and our boda driver suggested we head back towards Jinja. The journey back was an adventure and we did end up riding the motorcycle through a fair amount of rain. The trip was well worth it and I am thankful to have met the people of the Kibuye Village and to see the great work taking place thanks to Arise and Shine Uganda.

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  1. Cristina says:

    Hi :) I am actually going to volunteer to Arise & shine Uganda in July. Since you visited but Jinja and the Kibuye village I was hoping you could tell me more about it. I am not sure whether to go to the jinja project or to the Kibuye viallge! your photos looks amazing!!

    • katiekaizerphoto says:

      Hi! Yes it is wonderful there! I would recommend doing both! Renate is the person I worked with and she is wonderful! Definitely see Jinja and the village. Also if you have a few days to relax the Nile River Explorers Camp is lovely! Email me with any questions at


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