A Portrait of Panama – Cambutal, Casco Viejo & The San Blas Islands


In March I spent three weeks in Panama. The first week was for the Just Add Water Yoga Retreat, led by my good friend Caitlin Marcoux.  I just blogged this and you can see them by clicking here. After the retreat I set out for a few weeks of solo adventure, meeting new friends and of course spending time with horses, something I try to do anywhere I go! In Cambutal I spent time with Roberto and the horses of Los Buzos. We rode through the mountains, stopped by his village to meet his family and also galloped down the beach to end the day. It’s always a fun challenge to photograph while flying around on the horses. After such a magical time in Cambutal I took a few local busses up to Panama City where I fell in love with Casco Viejo also known as ‘Old Town’ Panama. There is beautiful old architecture and a city with a lot of character – and characters! One day I wandered down the street and saw amazing art work through a tiny door….I walked in and introduced myself in my broken Spanish. I was lucky to meet Frank and Paul of ‘Eventos Especiales’ where they build the floats and sculptures for Carnival and other events in Panama. I spent time at their workshop and got to see a really interesting behind the scenes of their work. I also spent time at the local fish market.  Lastly in this post there’s a collection of photos from the San Blas Islands. I kept hearing about these islands and was so intrigued. A place here the Kuna Indians rule the islands and self govern, where they still dress in traditional clothing of beautiful Molas. There are about 375 islands scattered throughout the Caribbean Coast of Panama. The crystal clear blue waters, dreamy sunsets and interesting people we met made for a truly incredible few days. The trip to Panama reminded me the importance of not knowing what the next moment or the next day will look like. Embracing the unknown is one of my favorite parts of traveling and when you go it alone I believe you grow in truly unique ways. Being open to getting outside of your comfort zone and talking to strangers is a beautiful thing. Here is ‘A Portrait of Panama’ hoping to go back someday and photograph more, maybe even Carnival with the crew from ‘Eventos Especiales.’

Enjoy! – Katie K.


Panama_001_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_003_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_004_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_005_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_006_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_008_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_007_KatieKaizerPhotographyPanama_009_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_010_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_011_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_012_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_013_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_014_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_015_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_016_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_035_KatieKaizerPhotographyPanama_017_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_018_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_019_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_020_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_021_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_023_KatieKaizerPhotographyPanama_022_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_024_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_025_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_026_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_027_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_028_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_029_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_030_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_031_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_032_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_033_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_034_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_036_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_037_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_038_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_039_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_040_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_041_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_042_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_043_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_045_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_046_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_047_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_048_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_049_KatieKaizerPhotographyPanama_044_KatieKaizerPhotographyPanama_050_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_055_KatieKaizerPhotographyPanama_051_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_052_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_053_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_054_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_056_KatieKaizerPhotography Panama_057_KatieKaizerPhotography







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