Heather and Mitch 2020

Unbelievable talent!!!
Where do I begin with Katie!? We had the pleasure of meeting Katie when she photographed our engagement session. We wanted to include our pup in our photos and love the way Katie captures dogs and families. Working with Katie was so easy and relaxed, we felt as if we had gained a new friend. She is so good with dogs, and helpful with advice on locations, outfits, time of day, and direction while taking photos.

We had to cancel our original wedding plans in Maine due to Covid, and decided to elope at home on Nantucket instead. Our first call was to Katie to make sure we could secure her for our wedding. We couldn’t feel more lucky to have been able to work with her on such a special occasion that had been quickly replanned. It was so important to us to have an album of beautiful photos to remember the day.

Upon receiving our album we were blown away with how much we loved each and every single photo. From the way Katie lights the photos, the natural tones, the framing, the way she captured our feelings and words during our ceremony and vows – we loved it all. They tell a story that we will forever cherish.

One of our favorite things about working with Katie is the way she naturally lights up with excitement and inspiration by the location and subject she’s shooting. The whole time we were all in awe of the beautiful day Nantucket had given us and we were eager to capture every moment of it’s perfection. Our wedding session was photographed all in 1 location, yet somehow she made it look as though we had travelled all over island. She captured our special moments as well as so many things that we love about this Island and it’s natural wonders.

In addition to blowing us away with her talent – Katie’s talent was recognized in an international contest! Katie won 2 awards from the National Wedding Photojournalist Association for photos from our wedding. Both photos captured very meaningful moments in our day and we are so very proud of her!!!

We feel very fortunate to have been able to work with Katie for two special moments in our life. She’s caring, compassionate and extremely talented! We highly recommend her.

The Chen Family 2021

Once in a while, you meet someone for the first time but you feel like you’ve known them for years.  This was our first impression when meeting Katie for our family shoot in Nantucket in the lobby of our hotel.  She has an energy and charisma about her that makes you feel like old friends reconnecting.  This helped tremendously when navigating a photoshoot with a 7 month infant, despite the chilly early May weather, our little one had no problem smiling for the camera with Katie’s amazing craft and wonderful talent for working with kids.  We originally chose Katie based on her portfolio, but it was her charm and personality that made our shoot so fun and memorable.

We loved that she was a true Nantucket local who knew the island very well, especially as first time visitors ourselves, she made us feel so welcome and at ease.  But more importantly, she has great instinct and suggestions.  Our shoot was scheduled for Saturday, but when we arrived on Friday morning, she reached out and recommended that we do it that day and she was 100% spot on!  The rest of the weekend was windy, cloudy, and overcast.  We were able to hit all the spots within the hour with perfect sun and minimal wind, we even went a little over our time, but as a true professional, she made sure we had great shots and great scenery.  We’re so grateful for her flexibility and suggestions!

She sent us a few teasers almost immediately, and they were amazing! Just in time for mothers day.  And as a new mother herself, I cant imagine how much effort it took to get that done so quickly, so we’re super grateful for her going above and beyond!  She is a true super mom!  And as she promised, she sent the rest of the photos in 2 weeks which were stunning, not to mention, the envy of all our friends.

I definitely can’t imagine going with anyone else, nor having anywhere near as good of a time as we did; it was the highlight of our visit.  And when we return to Nantucket, we’ll definitely be booking Katie again and this time we’ll also be friends just reconnecting!  Sorry Katie, you are stuck with us now =)  Thank you for capturing these memories!


Emily & Asa 2020

Perfect photographer for our intimate wedding celebration.

Katie was absolutely wonderful to work with – from our first conversation, she conveyed her intention to get to know us as a couple, to understand our unique needs, and ultimately to capture elements of our wedding that were important to us both.

We had a small celebration planned that became even smaller as a result of COVID-19 and we balanced feelings of joy and anticipation with anxiety and uncertainty as we worked to ensure safety for everyone who would be with us on our wedding day. Katie offered flexibility and reassurance at every step of the way, and I was so appreciative of her guidance and generosity through the whole planning process. She gave us hours and hours of time in advance of the wedding, talking through ever-evolving plans and dreams via phone, email, and text. She was always extremely responsive and thorough in her communications and her genuine enthusiasm is contagious!

Not only is Katie clearly a seasoned professional when it comes to navigating the logistics of wedding planning, she also demonstrated her keen ability to adapt (and help us adapt!) with ease and grace to some extraordinary and unprecedented circumstances. Katie really went above and beyond in so many ways, stepping in to coordinate with various family members and vendors to help us pull the day off smoothly.

And what a day it was! I loved having Katie around throughout the day to touch base with – she gently (and effectively!) helped us stay on schedule and yet I somehow never felt rushed or pulled away from the intimacy of our celebration. When Katie sent a preview of the photos she had taken shortly after the wedding followed by the full gallery, we were blown away! We were incredibly grateful to be able to re-live so many special moments from the day – her photos are absolutely beautiful and we will treasure them for the rest of our lives.

Alexandra & Dan 2020

Incredible photographer, photos & experience!

Katie is an incredible photographer and perfectly captures the moment. 2020 was a tough year to plan a wedding and Katie was flexible and helped us navigate the ever-changing environment. She put my husband, our families and me perfectly at ease. Our photos turned out truly spectacular and captured the day. We will cherish them forever!

Cristin & Hayley 2019

A Trusted Photographer & Friend

First and foremost, we are beyond happy with our experience. She is incredibly thoughtful, flexible and amazing at her job. We are just reaching our 1-year anniversary and going through our photos was such a special way to reflect on the best day of our lives. And it’s not just photos of people, it’s photos of the incredibly special and intimate moments between family and friends that remind you why it’s all so important.

We got married on Nantucket and our photographer search was focused on finding someone who knows the island and how quickly the weather comes and goes. She quickly showed that she was an expert when we had our engagement shoot. It was a true grey-lady day and, truthfully, we were pretty nervous. Low clouds and mist didn’t seem like a recipe for success. But she had a plan. And this plan resulted in the most beautiful sunset picture that we will ever take. It is just breathtaking. In addition to that, our wedding day was met with the most epic storm that the island has seen in a while. In the middle of dancing, she quickly called out to my partners brother and needed us outside ASAP. And she somehow topped that breathtaking sunset photo from the engagement shoot. We honestly couldn’t believe it – it was representative of so much.

We also had a secondary focus on someone who is comfortable with shooting an LGBTQ wedding. These kinds of days involve the same things as any other wedding but there is something really important about being able to photograph intimate moments between same-sex couples. We are so appreciative of not only her comfort but her genuine acceptance and celebration of us.

Another thing that we valued was her ability (and willingness) to understand family dynamics. We took a walk with our dogs on the beach a few days before the wedding and, aside from it being a great time to spend together as a group, she really took the time to learn about the who/what/why. And none of that was forgotten during the craziness that is a wedding day.

After the wedding, she sent us the most thoughtful package. It had prints of her selects packaged in the cutest box. She also included a thumb drive of the high-res photos. Opening and going through everything felt like Christmas morning. It also made for another great Instagram post because wedding content never ends :)

From the moment we first spoke to Katie, we knew right away this was the person we trusted. We couldn’t be happier to not only have amazing photos from her but to call her a friend. And we can’t wait to see her when we are back on the island next!

Rochelle & Ryan 2019

Incredible experience with Katie! My partner, Ryan, and I did a lot of searching and research in order to choose our photographer because it meant a lot to us that the pictures reflected us and the feeling of our wedding day. From the first phone call, we knew Katie was the one! She is an incredible person in addition to her outstanding skills as a photographer which made her so wonderful and easy to work with. She was organized, timely, intuitive, and respectful of our wishes/requests. We got married October 5th 2019 in Madaket on Nantucket. I never felt like I was being followed by a photographer – instead, she blended in seamlessly with our friends and family and in some magical way was always in the right place at the right time! Her energetic, yet genuine and caring personality made me feel like she was part of my friends/family as she documented us ‘getting ready’ and I believe this is what enables her to capture such candid, emotional pictures where I can look back and really remember exactly how I was feeling in the moment! She was so respectful of our wish to maximize our reception time with our guests, that she seamlessly planned when, where, and how to capture (AMAZING!) pictures of Ryan and I just after the ceremony. And I was so happy that it was her that we got to be with during such a special moment in our lives. It was completely comfortable (as I am a bit camera shy!) I seriously cant stop relooking at her photos and all that she was able to capture!…including the overall ‘mood’ that we had hoped for. Katie is the most perfect balance between personal and professional which is a dream come true when all the stressors of the wedding are swirling around. Also she knows Nantucket like the back of her hand which made for beautiful pictures in places that I would not have known about. I will certainly be calling up Katie for all future life photo ops based on the incredible experience that Ryan and I had with her on our special day. I truly feel like I get to ‘re-live’ that day by looking through our photos, which is a dream come true!

Jenna & Brandon 2019

The best photographer ever! What can I say about Katie, she is simply the best. Katie captured our engagement and it only felt right to have her capture our wedding as well. Katie has the most beautiful soul inside and out and her ability to capture the pure joy and feeling of love is truly a talent that not a lot of photographers have. She is poised, efficient and most of all, she makes everyone feel comfortable. Katie truly cares about each couple and it shows through her gorgeous work. She and her partner Cary, were so professional and the connections they are able to make with their clients is truly what makes them so special. Katie’s talent shines through her amazing photos. Not to mention, she is one of the most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and am so honored to call her a friend.

Caroline & Kevin 2019

Above and beyond experience! Since starting to work with Katie for our engagement photos, she has been flexible, and fun to work with. She has been ale to capture our vibe, feelings, and emotions from early on in the engagement photos, through the wedding pictures. The wedding pictures absolutely take my breath away. They are not only stunning, but they captured the emotions that we were feeling that day and weekend. From my first look with dad, to standing on the altar exchanging vows with my now husband, I relive every feeling that I felt that day through what she has been able to capture in the photos.

Michelle & Mark 2019

Katie Made Our Day Amazing! Katie was a special part of our wedding. The pictures are amazing, and we have received compliments from everyone who has seen them. Her technical skill and knowledge of Nantucket were evident, but it was that she made us feel so comfortable and at ease that showed in each picture. We treasure the memories that Katie helped us capture. She was enthusiastic and very responsive. It was like having a long-time friend photograph our wedding.

Lauren & Ed 2019

The absolute best! If one word could sum up Katie Kaizer it would be JOY. She absolutely radiates joy in every instance you encounter with her, which is of remarkable importance during very intimate moments where you could otherwise feel uncomfortable having someone there. Not only is she an amazing human to spend time with, she is responsive and professional and captures the most real tangible emotions through her images. Her photos of our engagement and wedding encapsulated the whirlwind of emotions so perfectly, and we are forever grateful! We couldn’t recommend Katie with higher regards- she is truly wonderful!!

Kara & Doug 2018

My wedding was on June 23, 2018, on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts. Working with Katie Kaizer was an incredible experience. From the engagement photo shoot, through the shot list planning leading up to the wedding, to the wedding day itself and the quick turnaround of the edited pictures for social media and album creation, Katie was an amazing person to work with. Katie is a consummate professional: extremely responsive, with great intuition about our needs and also an incredibly artistic eye for the perfect shot. The photos that came out of the engagement shoot and the wedding were stunning. A couple specific things I’ll mention about Katie that stuck out to my husband and me: one was her personal touch. We didn’t like to have “kissy shots” or lots of “PDA” and Katie was very accommodating, making us feel very comfortable during the shoot so that they were personalized to us, and suggesting locations on Nantucket that were off the beaten path and that really evoked emotion for us. Second, Katie had an incredibly positive upbeat attitude throughout everything – it was actually raining on the day of our wedding and I was kind of worried, but Katie was so positive and quick-thinking, we completely changed our plans of where the pictures would be taken and they came out amazing. She has such a great eye for amazing shots – she captured my grandmother and other members of our family in such priceless moments. Highly highly recommend Katie!!!!

Shauna & Brian 2018

We got married on June 28, 2018 on Nantucket. We planned a very small event within a couple of months, so we were thrilled when Katie was available! From the start, she was excited about our plan to make this an “on the fly” wedding. We’d walk to pick up flowers on the way to the Dreamland Theater for the ceremony and then head out to Cisco Brewery to celebrate with family and friends. The only people who knew anything about our ceremony were our parents, Katie, and our videographers! And Katie wanted to capture all of it! Katie and her crew were prepared for anything and she was in constant contact the morning of our wedding. It was pouring rain and she was completely open to still going through with our plan to walk everywhere. Luckily, the weather turned and we got a beautiful afternoon! What Katie captured throughout the day were genuine candids of our family enjoying a very special moment together. She helped make our tiny wedding look larger than life. We are so pleased with her work. Now the hard part is deciding which pictures to print! We are so grateful to Katie for capturing such an amazing day! She made the whole process very easy and she was was an absolute pleasure to work with!

Stephanie & Peter 2018

Katie Kaizer Photography was so amazing & professional! Her eye for details is spectacular! She really got us all moving and lineup for next photo to keep flow going! Really made sure she got the special photos we asked for! She and her assistant Cary, took the time to get to know my family & friends, which made it special for everyone! Thank You Katie, Love you!

Laura & Chris 2018

“We feel incredibly lucky that Katie Kaizer was able to photograph our wedding! She has a way of capturing people in real moments that we’ve never seen anyone else do before. Katie traveled to Ireland to shoot our NYE wedding & instantly became a part of the family. She brings such positive energy and makes everyone feel at complete ease. Katie went above and beyond to make sure that all the details of our day were captured.

We couldn’t have been more happy with our pictures. Each one is truly beautiful and captured the pure joy of our day. We loved her work so much that we continued to hire her to photograph a week-long trip around Ireland with our family & friends. Looking back, it was best investment and decision we made. We had so many incredible moments with people that we don’t get to see very often and now we’ll never forget them.

Katie unobtrusively weaved her way around all of our events and trips to capture incredible shots. You can tell by looking at her face when she is working that every single shot is the most important one she’ll capture. Katie gives it her all.

Thank you, Katie, for giving us the greatest gift of all, we’ll never forget the most incredible time of our lives with your beautiful work

Elizabeth & Sheila 2018

Katie Kaizer : The Wedding Photographer of your dreams!

As soon as we got engaged, we made a list of the 5 most important things that we needed to lock-in right away. Photographer was ranked #1 because the only thing you can take with you after your wedding day are those moments captured in photos. In August of 2017 we were so excited to reach out to Katie Kaizer – after following her amazing photography on social media for years – to see if she would be available to photograph our potential October 2018 wedding date. She quickly responded but regrettably informed us that she was unavailable because she and her fiance were getting married that same day in Nantucket! Although we were thrilled for her to finally experience HER own wedding day after capturing so many others’ weddings, we were also incredibly disappointed knowing that Katie couldn’t be our wedding photographer! The next day, after going back to our Boston wedding venue to lock in this October date we had inquired with Katie about, we quickly learned that we were just minutes too late and our venue was no longer available. That date change was the biggest blessing in disguise as we quickly switched gears to create the downtown Boston Christmas wedding of our dreams and in doing so, we were able to secure Katie Kaizer: the wedding photographer of our dreams! From beginning to end, Katie’s knowledge, professionalism, responsiveness, attentiveness, creativeness, and accommodation truly exceeded our highest expectations. Although she lives in Nantucket and we were in Boston full time, she was always willing to connect via phone, email and text. She was incredibly flexible in accommodating our schedule with being available for calls after work. Having an off-season wedding also gave us the amazing gift of more time with Katie! We both finally met Katie at our engagement session in Nantucket. We instantly felt so comfortable with her upon meeting her and our session totally flew by. She knew all of the amazing spots to go and captured the our most special moments together as well as with our 15 year old pup, Kerry who made an appearance as well! Katie was always thinking and anticipating things we would have never thought of. She was prepared for all scenarios for our wedding day whether it was the weather, traffic, sunset time and the potential need for additional lighting at our venue to ensure the BEST photographs were taken. She partnered with her friend and talented colleague Cary Tozer to ensure we had enough coverage for our wedding day since my fiance and I would be getting ready at two separate locations. She arranged to do a site visit at our wedding venue, The State Room, just a few weeks before our wedding on the way back from attending her friend’s wedding in New Hampshire to fully understand the lighting, the room set-up for the ceremony and reception as well as scope out the locations where my fiance and I would be getting ready in town as well as where we would have our “first look”. Katie also adjusted her personal plans for the holidays to ensure she would be off the island and in Boston in enough time before the wedding. She eagerly asked to attend our rehearsal to meet our families, understand our family dynamics and of course, capture some amazing photographs of us, our families and friends at the Seaport. If you know Katie, you know she is a HUGE fan of dogs. She encouraged us to have someone meet us at our “first look” with Kerry our 15 year old shih-poo and Ruthie our then 4-month-old Golden Retriever pup. We are SO glad she was persistant because those photographs are truly some of our favorites! The day of the wedding, Katie and Cary worked their magic and every single moment was captured and then some! To quote a family member after viewing our photos which were posted on Facebook “These are amazing! They capture the heart and personality of the beautiful brides and all the fun we had celebrating with them! The pictures themselves are so intimate but not intrusive. How you managed to find every special moment is a testament to your talent!” After receiving our wedding photographs from Katie, we relived that day from start to finish. She truly captured every moment. We feel incredibly blessed to have had Katie and Cary photograph our wedding and look forward to continuing our friendship and having them capture more of our family events in the future! So, go ahead. Give yourselves the GREATEST wedding gift and have Katie Kaizer shoot your wedding. You will have these amazing photographs forever. You can thank us later

Sarah & Colin 2018

Katie Kaizer was (is) AMAZING! She was the most friendly, helpful, and easy-to-work with person. She offered us such great advice and worked closely with us throughout the year to ensure we were all on the same page of what we wanted. We spoke over the phone multiple times, and met up a few times prior to the wedding as well. She even met with us (and my whole family, piecemeal) a day prior to the wedding to check in, sync up on final details, iron out the timeline, and offer wisdom (and lots of positivity given our sketchy weather outlook). Day of, I was so appreciative to have her – she was not intrusive, but always there and supportive. She picked up on the vibes, read the room, and knew exactly what to deliver. She knew when to just do her thing and when to corral the troops to get group shots. She was totally on top of things so that we didn’t have to worry about anything. The balance she struck was perfect. She is SO easygoing. Aside from the wonderful experience we had with her, her photos are amazing – she really captures the feelings of the subjects, both in a more posed picture and a candid. She is also incredible at capturing light and movement. I loved everything about working with Katie (and her second shooter, Cary) and our parents and family loved them, too. We couldn’t consider ourselves any luckier to have had such an amazing person to help celebrate and capture our day. I would HIGHLY recommend Katie Kaizer Photography to any and everyone – she is truly the best!

Brittany & Jonah 2017

“We LOVED working with Katie!! We had a long engagement, and actually hired Katie nearly two years before our wedding since we knew we wanted to have her photograph our wedding weekend! We met with Katie many times before our wedding this past June – she was always super responsive and always made time to meet with us when we were on Nantucket! She was SO great to work with for all of the events (she photographed our rehearsal dinner, lawn games/BBQ day, welcome night and wedding). Katie (and Cary as her second-shooter for the wedding itself) was amazing at capturing the entire weekend as we remembered it – it’s been so fun to go through all of the pictures she sent us! We would highly recommend Katie and would most certainly use her again!!”

Angelina & Lindsey 2017

“Katie is incredible. She is very easy to work with and so fun to have around. She is very responsive and great at communicating. You feel so comfortable that you forget she’s working and not just a friend or family. Our wedding elopement on the tiny remote island of Tuckernuck this past June was captured so perfectly. Having Katie join us for the day, taking our boat over to the little island, and having an easy going day with a bbq, games and some fishing with our family was the best decision we ever made. Our photos are perfect, she is so incredibly talented. Best decision!”

Samantha & Josh 2017

“Katie is amazing!! She took so many pictures! We got married in Roatan, Honduras. She flew from Nantucket. We have so many pictures that are awesome, its hard to pick a favorite. I was always told that photos are one of the most important parts of your wedding. She definitely fulfilled that! She also is just such and interesting person! Being a destination wedding we all spent a lot of time together. She was there for all the important moments and ran into each other on the beach at times, always had her camera on her to capture any moment she could. Even at the airport when she landed, the majority of our guest were on her flight. We met them at the airport, she captured all the joy of our families landing as we passed out welcome bags. She got some amazing photos of the culture of Roatan, why we love the island so much.”

Father of the Bride

“As the father of the bride I can say that the photos you captured are a priceless gift given to me. It’s all I ever wanted and more from this most special day. My wife Mary-Jo and I keep the book of your wedding photos close by and we get to look at them daily and it brings the most incredible smile and tears at the same time to us as we can relive that most incredible day you so magnificently captured forever for us. Fast forward a month. A year. Or into the future on Brittany’s and Jonah’s 5 year anniversary and beyond…..you won’t remember the flowers. You will have forgotten the songs played and you danced to. You won’t remember what you had for dinner. All you have to bring back those incredible memories are the beautiful photos captured by you! The McCann’s favorite, Katie Kaizer.

When we use the word photography it doesn’t really do justice to your work because honestly your talents are an art form no different than the finest Picasso painting. I have seen endless friend’s wedding books of their kids big day but none of these can live up to what you created for Mary-Jo and I. Everyone has the normal photos. . . but you were able to spend three days with us and capture all those behind the scenes moments where the laughter, tears and the fun happened. We are so incredibly thankful you captured it for us to enjoy for the rest of our lives. Your skill and ability to capture those crazy, emotional, or silly moments are the best of the best!

You became part of our family forever through this process and I cannot thank you enough for capturing one of the memorable events in our families lifetime! All I can say from one happy dad is THANK YOU!”

Shannon & Aaron 2017

“I absolutely loved everything about working with Katie! She made everything about my wedding day and the experience leading up to it beyond special and amazing. She was very thoughtful about how we approached the big day and was sure to include absolutely everything I wanted. Throughout the entire wedding planning process and day of, Katie was so upbeat and cheerful, and my entire family and wedding party also loved her. She made me feel at ease about everything, and I will definitely use her again for family portraits next time I am in Nantucket. She’s the best!”

Kelly & Allan 2016

“Katie Kaizer was beyond amazing from the moment I started working with her (about a year ahead of my wedding). She was in constant communication to make sure I was comfortable and planned a fantastic engagement shoot leading up to the wedding. We were lucky enough to have a beautiful ceremony at the Chanticleer followed by a reception at Wade Cottages, and a magical parade through ‘Sconset between the two locations. We ended the night with an amazing sparkler sendoff. The whole day was a fairytale, and Katie was there to capture it all. Her impeccable attention to detail, kind demeanor, and organized fashion make her the perfect photographer. She and her second shooter, Cary Tozer, were there to capture every candid moment. No amount of space limited their ability to get a great shot. They were able to be a part of the magic without being seen or heard. Everyone commented on their skillful maneuvers amidst the dancing in order to capture the action.

I could not have asked for better photographers, and these beautiful shots are proof of it! Thank you Katie for helping to capture the greatest day of our lives so flawlessly.”

Kate & Roddy 2016

“Katie Kaizer was fantastic and a pleasure to work with — from our engagement photos to our actual wedding day. She was very responsive from the moment we chatted with her about photographing our wedding; she took our requests on board and made it fun; she was detail-oriented, professional and simply wonderful. At the wedding, you hardly knew she was there and yet, she captured the most wonderful moments!! I highly recommend her!”

Eric & Paul 2016

“Katie was an incredible photographer. It wasn’t until my wedding day that I realized how important her role is – she’s not just taking photos, she’s the last person the you spend time with right before you walk into the ceremony. It’s her role to psych you up, calm your nerves, and make you realize that no matter what preparations you’ve taken up to this point, it’s all about to be perfect. Katie made us feel so comfortable and excited as we walked into our huge day, we can’t thank her enough. Oh and also, the photos were incredible! So great, in fact, that the pics were featured in a local wedding magazine! Go Katie! I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Catie & Tricia 2016

“There are not enough good things to say about Katie Kaizer Photography. If something could go wrong on a bride’s wedding day, it did, but Katie was a reassuring voice on the other end of frantic phone calls. Her flexibility and professionalism are to be admired and hard to match. Katie was constantly in contact up to and including our wedding day. For example, we had to make a switch due to the weather and the day before the wedding Katie was able to talk me through shadows and the best positioning of the ceremony, one detail many brides are left to figure out on their own. Her advice and knowledge helped us with the decision to move the wedding with ease and she reduced our stress tremendously. Aside from our conversations about photos and shadows, Katie was encouraging, reassuring, and always one step ahead of a bride’s fears (anticipating their worries with multiple solutions).

Katie took what we wanted and created memories that will forever be captured in the photos. Her and Kathryn captured more than we could have ever imagined- embracing the beauty of the windy/rainy weather and creating these beautiful photos we will cherish forever. For two people who are uncomfortable in front of the cameras, Katie and her team were able to capture these pure, genuine moments that captures everything that is us and our family/friends. We were overly impressed with her professionalism and talent.”

Kendall & Kerry 2016

“Bottom line up front – Katie crushed it. Our picture’s are amazing and we are still in contact today. She turned what could have been a very awkward/sterile environment into something so fun and personal.

Now let’s start from the beginning… Katie was immediately so easy to work with, whether it was my parents reaching out or just my wife and I. She wanted to know all about us, what made our relationship tick. Having never been married before…I clearly had no idea how this process worked. Katie walked us through everything step by step, well honestly, we didn’t even have to think, obviously the best part. Day of, Katie and her associate, Cary Tozer, were absolutely on top of documenting every little detail, from rings to the needlepoint belts my mother handmade that the guys wore. My wife and I elected to do a “first look” so that we could get a majority of the pictures taken so that we could enjoy happy hour, i mean cocktail hour. That was one of the most special parts of the whole wedding, and Katie directed it beautifully. We had a perfect day and all of the photos, from the pre-wedding ones at Brant Point to the ceremony at Nantucket Yacht Club to the dancing and sparklers, showed it. I just cannot get over how many good photos there are. Months later, my father still goes through them just to relive the day. And I’m not going to lie, I do NOT take good dancing photos, but Katie managed to get a few!

I also think one of the best things to come out of this relationship is that it is a relationship. Katie and I are still in contact today. The photos from my wedding pop up all over the place! From Instagram to N Magazine to a Huffington Post article! If anyone is still reading, Katie helped me document one of the best days of my life, in the most special place in the world. Hire her!”

Charlotte & Clayton 2016

“Katie was wonderful to work with from start to finish. We chatted on the phone or met in person multiple times over the course of a year and a half leading up to the wedding. She was very attentive to details, knew best shooting locations on the island as a native Nantucketer, and made a clear effort to get to know us as a couple in order to reflect our relationship in the photographs (which she did). During the actual day, she kept us laughing, and our bridal party kept commenting on how fun and organized she was without being pushy or overbearing. Katie turned around the final suite of photographs in a very short period of time, and we were all–from family to friends–extremely pleased with her work. She captured the spirit of the wedding: personal, intimate, but also incredibly joyful, energetic, and fun. Everyone who has seen the photographs has said how gorgeous they are, and we couldn’t agree more!

I highly recommend Katie to any bride and groom–you will not be disappointed!”

Alexis & Will 2015

“When planning a wedding some decision are difficult, some are not so difficult. For us choosing the photographer, while one of the biggest decisions, was an easy one. We had been lucky enough to meet Katie and see her work before when she photographed my parent’s summer White Party. We loved her work and when we started planning our wedding we knew without a doubt we wanted Katie to shoot our wedding day.

Leading up to the wedding Katie had done her homework, she had met with us a few times to get a sense of who we are and what we wanted, she she had scouted locations, checked sunset times, checked weather and wind forecasts and then went and re-scouted secondary locations based on weather forecasts. Ultimately though, she was game for whatever we wanted to do despite the wind and weather. The day of the wedding she kept the vibe upbeat and fun, always smiling and laughing. She kept everything going at a good pace, made a concerted effort to get to know everyone’s names and maintains a friendly, composed and professional demeanor. She had another photographer, Cary, assisting her, their communication was seamless and they worked together very efficiently. She was also incredibly patient while working with some of our bigger group shots.

As far as her product, the photographs are amazing. I don’t need to tell you how great they are, they speak for themselves. She has a great eye for catching special moments, details, scenes and light. She is also really great about using social media to provide you with early sneak peeks (we had some of our first shots on Monday early in the morning) and creates a blog that can be shared on Facebook. The blog was a great way for us to see and share some more early pictures. Our family and friends loved the blog and it was a way for many others who couldn’t be there that day to see and share our day. I can say we were completely satisfied and happy well beyond our expectations.”

Kendra & Phil 2015

“We absolutely loved working with Katie Kaizer, and would give her (and her second shooter) 10 stars if we could! Not only is she an amazingly talented photographer, she is incredibly professional, responsive and such a happy person who clearly loves what she does!!

We hired her for an engagement session, our rehearsal event at the Dreamland Theater and the wedding day itself (reception at The Whaling Museum), and have the most beautiful photographs from each session (we’ve received so many compliments and could not be happier with the quality). Katie was really helpful in selecting locations for the photos for our engagement session and first look photos. She knows Nantucket really well and is always focused on getting the best possible shot. Katie is also really flexible…when we asked if we could bring our dog Belle for the engagement photos, she said “no problem, I love dogs.” When we said we’re going to have 5 flower girls and 2 ring bearers in the wedding party, she said “no problem, kids are so much fun!” We talked and met several times leading up to the wedding, and each time she was easy to reach, very responsive and so helpful. She even came to our ceremony venue the week of the wedding at the time of our ceremony to check the position of the sun and help us think about how to set up the benches. We consider ourselves very lucky that she was available for our date, and are thrilled with the quality of her work.”

Erin & Jeff 2014

Katie Kaizer is so incredibly talented. Her work stands apart from others as she has the ability to capture the emotions of those she is photographing which is priceless when you look back on your wedding day/engagement/family portrait session photos. Her journalistic style tells a story. Not only does she capture her subjects living in the moment, but also has this unique eye to take advantage of surrounding elements and landscapes and builds these into the pictures.

Katie is very professional and organized. She was super responsive any time we had questions on the upcoming day and even met with us in person to gain an understanding of how we wanted her to capture our day as well as developed a timeline that worked best for us. She is great at scoping out locations to shoot and will find locations that work best based on how the weather is behaving (for example, when she photographed our family portrait session the night before the wedding, it was really windy and she found a spot for us that worked best where we were protected from the wind). She also found really unique spots that allowed her to capture the best light (for our engagement photos, she suggested the evening so we could take advantage of the sunset). When I look at the wedding photos, I don’t even remember Katie taking the candid photos as she has a very non-obtrusive/non-distracting style (for example, the first look with my dad, the ceremony itself, first dances, toasts).

Katie is such a positive and fun person and this really made our day extra special. When you meet her, you will feel like you have known her your whole life. She has a passion for what she does and it clearly shows in her interactions with others and in her photos. We have received so many compliments from our friends and family on these photos. Katie captured our day perfectly. Check out her blog and you will see how incredible her work is.”

Danielle & Brian 2014

“Katie Kaizer is an amazing photographer, capturing every moment of our day so beautifully. My husband and I worked with Katie for our engagement photos as well as our rehearsal dinner and wedding day on Nantucket. Not only is she extremely talented but she is equally professional and kind. We could not have felt more at ease and comfortable in front of the camera and that is all thanks to Katie!

I came across Katie’s work in many Nantucket magazines and a quick google search. We had a telephone call to discuss our plans for the upcoming wedding and felt it was a perfect match. We first met for engagement photos on Nantucket the weekend before Daffodil festival, and Katie had the perfect shots in mind. She captured us and the island so beautifully.

Throughout the year we emailed and phoned to talk about wedding details for the rehearsal dinner and wedding day, including a timeline of the day/evening to keep us organized. Living in London, we were initially concerned about planning with the distance and time difference, but it could not have gone more smoothly. Katie also knew and had worked with most all of our vendors which made us feel even more at ease! Once we arrived on island, we did one last meeting over a coffee to run through the final details. Everything ran according to plan and we were eager to see the photos! Katie emailed us within the next week with our much anticipated blog post followed by a flash drive and beautiful photo of us within a couple of weeks. We will cherish these memories for a lifetime!”

Holly & Steve 2013

Our wedding took place in Nantucket, MA in the fall. Our ceremony was at the Siasconset Chapel and the reception immediately followed at Sankaty Golf Club. Katie was phenomenal. Our pictures are truly amazing and everybody who views them are always blown away. She captured EVERYTHING and did it with a huge smile on her face. We loved how quickly she whisked us away between the ceremony and the reception so we wouldn’t miss out on our day and all of our 170 guests. She captured moments we didn’t even notice she was getting. It was such a pleasure to work with Katie and everybody loved her. I have attended weddings where the photographer takes a long time to get all of the group shots and is sometimes in the way of all the fun… Not Katie! She was part of the fun and hardly noticed at the key moments. We could not be happier with her work. Every bride and groom should be so lucky to have her!

Andrea, Mother of the Bride

Katie was recommended to us by the caterer for my daughter’s wedding. From our first communication with her, Katie was just a pleasure to work with. We especially loved her journalistic style of photography, as she captured what appeared to be truly spontaneous moments that told a personal story of the day.

On the day of the wedding, all of our guests commented on how great she was, never interrupting the action, but always catching the great smile or unscripted special moment. Our wedding parade through the old town on cobblestone streets was a unique experience for us all, a highlight of the day, and the photos capture the spontaneous joy of the entire wedding party.

My experience after the event has been equally positive. Producing a wonderfully evocative blog soon after the wedding to share with our friends and family, Katie has continued to be responsive and professional. I recommend her wholeheartedly with no reservations! The Mother of the Bride!