Father of the Bride

“As the father of the bride I can say that the photos you captured are a priceless gift given to me. It’s all I ever wanted and more from this most special day. My wife Mary-Jo and I keep the book of your wedding photos close by and we get to look at them daily and it brings the most incredible smile and tears at the same time to us as we can relive that most incredible day you so magnificently captured forever for us. Fast forward a month. A year. Or into the future on Brittany’s and Jonah’s 5 year anniversary and beyond…..you won’t remember the flowers. You will have forgotten the songs played and you danced to. You won’t remember what you had for dinner. All you have to bring back those incredible memories are the beautiful photos captured by you! The McCann’s favorite, Katie Kaizer.

When we use the word photography it doesn’t really do justice to your work because honestly your talents are an art form no different than the finest Picasso painting. I have seen endless friend’s wedding books of their kids big day but none of these can live up to what you created for Mary-Jo and I. Everyone has the normal photos. . . but you were able to spend three days with us and capture all those behind the scenes moments where the laughter, tears and the fun happened. We are so incredibly thankful you captured it for us to enjoy for the rest of our lives. Your skill and ability to capture those crazy, emotional, or silly moments are the best of the best!

You became part of our family forever through this process and I cannot thank you enough for capturing one of the memorable events in our families lifetime! All I can say from one happy dad is THANK YOU!”