Cristin & Hayley 2019

A Trusted Photographer & Friend

First and foremost, we are beyond happy with our experience. She is incredibly thoughtful, flexible and amazing at her job. We are just reaching our 1-year anniversary and going through our photos was such a special way to reflect on the best day of our lives. And it’s not just photos of people, it’s photos of the incredibly special and intimate moments between family and friends that remind you why it’s all so important.

We got married on Nantucket and our photographer search was focused on finding someone who knows the island and how quickly the weather comes and goes. She quickly showed that she was an expert when we had our engagement shoot. It was a true grey-lady day and, truthfully, we were pretty nervous. Low clouds and mist didn’t seem like a recipe for success. But she had a plan. And this plan resulted in the most beautiful sunset picture that we will ever take. It is just breathtaking. In addition to that, our wedding day was met with the most epic storm that the island has seen in a while. In the middle of dancing, she quickly called out to my partners brother and needed us outside ASAP. And she somehow topped that breathtaking sunset photo from the engagement shoot. We honestly couldn’t believe it – it was representative of so much.

We also had a secondary focus on someone who is comfortable with shooting an LGBTQ wedding. These kinds of days involve the same things as any other wedding but there is something really important about being able to photograph intimate moments between same-sex couples. We are so appreciative of not only her comfort but her genuine acceptance and celebration of us.

Another thing that we valued was her ability (and willingness) to understand family dynamics. We took a walk with our dogs on the beach a few days before the wedding and, aside from it being a great time to spend together as a group, she really took the time to learn about the who/what/why. And none of that was forgotten during the craziness that is a wedding day.

After the wedding, she sent us the most thoughtful package. It had prints of her selects packaged in the cutest box. She also included a thumb drive of the high-res photos. Opening and going through everything felt like Christmas morning. It also made for another great Instagram post because wedding content never ends :)

From the moment we first spoke to Katie, we knew right away this was the person we trusted. We couldn’t be happier to not only have amazing photos from her but to call her a friend. And we can’t wait to see her when we are back on the island next!