Alexis & Will 2015

“When planning a wedding some decision are difficult, some are not so difficult. For us choosing the photographer, while one of the biggest decisions, was an easy one. We had been lucky enough to meet Katie and see her work before when she photographed my parent’s summer White Party. We loved her work and when we started planning our wedding we knew without a doubt we wanted Katie to shoot our wedding day.

Leading up to the wedding Katie had done her homework, she had met with us a few times to get a sense of who we are and what we wanted, she she had scouted locations, checked sunset times, checked weather and wind forecasts and then went and re-scouted secondary locations based on weather forecasts. Ultimately though, she was game for whatever we wanted to do despite the wind and weather. The day of the wedding she kept the vibe upbeat and fun, always smiling and laughing. She kept everything going at a good pace, made a concerted effort to get to know everyone’s names and maintains a friendly, composed and professional demeanor. She had another photographer, Cary, assisting her, their communication was seamless and they worked together very efficiently. She was also incredibly patient while working with some of our bigger group shots.

As far as her product, the photographs are amazing. I don’t need to tell you how great they are, they speak for themselves. She has a great eye for catching special moments, details, scenes and light. She is also really great about using social media to provide you with early sneak peeks (we had some of our first shots on Monday early in the morning) and creates a blog that can be shared on Facebook. The blog was a great way for us to see and share some more early pictures. Our family and friends loved the blog and it was a way for many others who couldn’t be there that day to see and share our day. I can say we were completely satisfied and happy well beyond our expectations.”