Suzanne & Josh Married on Nantucket – St. Mary’s Church & The White Elephant

– Josh & Suzanne –


Suzanne and Josh were married October 26th 2013 at the St. Mary’s Church and had their reception at The White Elephant. Their wedding was a quintessential Fall Wedding on Nantucket. They had a crisp clear day with sunshine, blue skies and big puffy white clouds. The bridesmaids kept cozy in beautiful shawls from Lilly Pulitzer as we took photos around town, at the Brant Point Lighthouse and also around the gorgeous docks of The White Elephant.


Suzanne and Josh got in touch with me well over a year before their wedding and it was such a pleasure working with them throughout every stage of planning their wedding. We did an engagement session last spring and by the wedding day it truly felt like I had known them forever. I absolutely love getting to know my couple’s before the big day and I couldn’t be happier for these two. Suzanne & Josh are so sweet and you can tell they are absolutely best friends.


As always I was so happy to hear about how these great couples meet and their journey to the wedding day…from Suzanne…..”Josh and I met while studying in Rochester, NY. He was completing a PhD in Organic Chemistry while I was getting a second bachelors degree in Nursing. Our roommates, John and Carol, introduced us. After a year of friendship, we realized that our relationship was something even greater. Now we’re living in NYC. I am a CTICU nurse while Josh is a PostDoctoral Research Fellow. “


Last spring, during the engagement session, we visited cute places around Nantucket town and then went to Steps Beach. Within moments of talking with Suzanne I heard many of her great memories of spending a good part of her childhood here on the island. We spent a lot of time talking about the things that make Nantucket so special for them. She was so happy to talk about what Nantucket means to them and how they chose The White Elephant…


“Nantucket means two things to us: quality family time and complete relaxation. My family has been coming to the island for years, spending weeks and months out of our summers on the island. Between bike rides, ice-creams, barbeques and swimming, the island helps us slow down and see how beautiful life is. I introduced Josh to the island a few years ago, and he fell in love too. He saw immediately how charming Nantucket is, and he agreed it was the perfect spot to celebrate our wedding. The White Elephant venue, located right on the water and a short walk to town, was an easy choice. Its beautiful location helped us share the island with our guests.”


Suzanne & Josh added lots of personal touches to their fall Nantucket wedding….”We chose the table numbers to combine Josh’s love of chemistry with our love of NYC. Each table, or element, had a corresponding place in the city that has importance to us, whether its our home, our work, or a favorite restaurant/museum. “


As soon as everyone finished their delicious meals they danced the night away! DJ Phil Taylor did a phenomenal job as he kept the energy going with a great blend of fresh new music and old classics. There was also a Red Sox World Series game going on during the reception and needless to say there were a lot of Red Sox fans in this crowd!! I has so much fun photographing the epic dance moves and all the laughter through out the evening!


For Suzanne & Josh it was really the whole evening that made up their favorite moment…..”We find it hard to pick a “favorite moment” of the day, as the whole weekend was as perfect as they had imagined. At one point in the evening, while we were enjoying cupcakes, the couple particularly remember looking out at a wild dance floor. Seeing our families and friends laughing and smiling was wonderful, and we will hold that memory in our hearts forever.”


Congratulations to Suzanne & Josh! Hope to see you again soon on Nantucket!!


Enjoy! – Katie K.


Dress: Paloma Blanca,  Shoes: French Sole NY at Island Cashmere,  Ceremony: Our Lady of the Isle St. Mary’s Church, Officiant: Father Marcel Bouchard, Assistant to Officiant: Tom Matzke (Josh’s uncle), Reception: The White Elephant, Flowers : Jacqi Lauterbach at Marine Home Center, Flower Girl: Becca Baxter (Suzann’s Niece), Flower Girl Basket & Bridal Bracelets: Mrs. Gilman (Suzanne’s 1st Grade Teacher), Hair & Makeup: RJ Miller Salon, Bridesmaids Shawls: Lilly Pulitzer, Bridesmaids Dresses: J. Crew, Groomsmen Ties:  J. McLaughlin, Groomsmen Shoes: Cole Haan, Groomsmen Socks:  Henley & Sloane, Cupcakes:  Jodi’s Cakes by Jodi Levesque , Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography, DJ: Phil Taylor, Photo Booth: Nantucket Photo Booth , Transportation: Gails tours and Barretts Tours,  Welcome Dinner: The Brotherhood of Thieves, Farewell Brunch:  The Fog Island Cafe


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