Sandi & Jim’s Intimate Wedding at The Brant Point Lighthouse


Sandi and Jim had a beautiful intimate wedding at The Brant Point Lighthouse on June 21st 2015. This was by far one of the most magical evenings I have ever seen down at the lighthouse. The entire week the forecast had called for 100% chance of rain for their wedding day……we had several back up plans but behold as the day came around we started to see that it might ‘clear’ in time for their 6:30 beach ceremony. Sure enough it rained that day (for hours) but then as soon as we walked out onto the beach the skies not only cleared but the sun was beaming through a beautiful blue sky. Later, we saw amazing clouds come through and dramatic rolling fog. We loved the beautiful Bridal Bouquet by Betsey Brooks, inspired with watercolor hues, the colors were exactly what Sandi wanted and they matched with the whole look of the evening!

Meeting Sandi and Jim was wonderful and I couldn’t be happier for them…they have a beautiful story of how they came to be standing out on the beach saying their vows….”Almost seven years ago, both of us took what was for us the bold step of putting ourselves out there through an online dating site. It wasn’t something I could ever imagine doing, but the risk seemed worth it. I had been widowed a year and a half before, and Jim was coming out on the other side of a very difficult and sad divorce. The first day I received my matches from the service, there was Jim – he seemed lively, intelligent, had an interesting and active business and entrepreneurial career, he was a writer like me and most importantly, he talked a lot about his kids and how important family was to him. We corresponded via email for a while, and then agreed to meet in Portsmouth, NH (halfway for both of us) … Jim had just had a really bad bicycle accident (in fact he realized later he should not have driven that far) and was getting over a concussion, so although it seemed like a match, things did not totally “click” at first. I contacted him again a few weeks later, he was feeling better, and we met in Boston to go to see a show – African gospel singers, and a scrumptious brunch at the Top of the Hub – it rained, but neither one of us wanted the day to end. For a while, we met on weekends in Portsmouth,  we spent a lot of time walking around the town hand in hand, talking about our lives, our hopes, and getting to know each other. Also we took ballroom dance lessons for a formal event we had coming up. We never became amazing dancers, but we had a lot of fun. Jim continues to live in Massachusetts and I live in Maine with my son, so there has been a lot of driving back and forth. I’m grateful that Jim has been willing to come to Maine and spend time with us. He has been around for my son’s middle school and high school years and has spent a lot of weekends with us going to games, sailing regattas, and attending family events. Both of us are very much family people, and we are both so thrilled and feel lucky to have found each other!”

Sandi and Jim’s excitement and love for each other is so evident as they could not stop smiling and laughing during the day! I loved getting to know them and hearing more about how they chose Nantucket for their wedding…

“We decided to get married last fall, after we had attended a 90th birthday party for a family friend. Conversations with some of the guests of honor’s friends at that event affected us deeply and we realized that we wanted to be together in an official sense and to build a future for the next phase of our lives, which hopefully will include many happy and healthy years together. Both of us are attracted to the sea and the beach, and the idea of a beach wedding seemed just right. It was important to me to do things differently than I did for my first wedding, and to start our lives together at a place that was Jim’s and my special place. We wanted a small, intimate, family-focused wedding with our kids, our parents, and our brothers and their wives. Logistics were challenging, as people live in different states and we wanted to make it comfortable and easy as possible for everyone. As we were thinking of different possible locations, once we hit on the idea of Nantucket, it seemed perfect. We had visited Nantucket for a special vacation a few years ago, rented a house at Tom Nevers pond, and had fallen in love with the island. In addition to the beach, we really enjoy getting outside and taking walks in nature, learning about history, and the charm of the island really appealed to us. It’s a gorgeous, charming, and magical place that really speaks to both of us. Our families loved it too, and the house we rented for the family in Sconset was delightful!”

The charm of the island also delivered on their wedding day as they were getting ‘congratulations’ from everyone! As one of the little boats went by with people on a sunset cruise they all started  cheering for Sandi and Jim and later on upper Main St. as people walked by or passed us on bikes they cheered for the newlyweds. It was a very special afternoon and we are so honored to have photographed it for them! After the photos we dropped them off for their dinner at The Ships Inn! I loved what Sandi told me later as I ran into them at Sanford Farms…..”We asked our three children to deliver the toast for us at dinner, and Tracy, Trevor and Ethan worked together for weeks via email to plan out something special. My son is 17 and hasn’t even been to any weddings before this one, so Tracy and Trevor coached him and sent him You Tube videos of wedding toasts. The day of the wedding, the three of them were cloistered together downstairs and there was a lot of laughing coming out of that room. When the moment came, they all did an amazing job. They had everyone in stitches as they told stories about Jim and I and our times together with them, but they also spoke eloquently from their hearts about how happy they felt about us getting married. My son choked up when he said “Mom, thank you for picking such an amazing, nice, and caring person as Jim.” Pass the tissues! Lots of tears, and much happiness all around. ”

Thank you Kathryn Kennedy for joining me to photograph this sweet wedding!! Congratulations once again to Sandi & Jim!

Flowers: Betsey Brooks Floral and Design, Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography, Officiant: MJ Mojer, Ceremony: Brant Point Lighthouse, Dress: Temperley, Mass, Rings: Handcrafted by Platinum Studio by Z, Dinner: Ships Inn Nantucket

Enjoy! – Katie K.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    OH MY GOSH!! These photos are amazing!! Sandi, you looked sooooo lovely! The dress was perfect not only for you, but also for the setting and (as it turned out) for the day …your skirts blowing in the breeze was a delightful addition to the photos. I LOVED how happy you both looked. And I loved how beautiful the family photos are. The one of you and your parents is beyond wonderful. The magic and joy of that day was perfectly captured in the photos! So happy for all of you! xoxo


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