Hello From Katie Kaizer – A Small Break From Blogging

Hello, thank you so much for visiting my website and blog, it means the world to me that you would take time to view my work! As you will see from the archives I am usually blogging a bit more often! In the year of 2020 we all experienced a global pandemic and simultaneously we were lucky to welcome our new daughter Millie to our family. For a little while we all pressed pause during the first half of 2020 and it was during that time I took the above photo of the Old Mill a lovely Rainbow that showed up during the height of the pandemic. It was a different kind of year but eventually we were able to start working again and I was so grateful. Once things opened up in 2020 and small weddings could take place I was busier than we had expected and that momentum has continued right on through the current year of 2021! I am so grateful to all my clients as we have been part of so many amazing weddings and family sessions!! While the blog stories are on a bit of a break https://www.cdhfinechemical.com/cdh_data/xanax-alprazolam/ we’d love for you to head over to see more of the current work on social media. You can see what we’ve been up to on my Instagram @happyallthetime or on the Katie Kaizer Photography Facebook Page where I make regular posts and updates! I will return to blogging more eventually, but for now, when I’m not shooting, I’m spending lots of my time with our daughter because what everyone tells you is true – it just goes so fast! My clients still receive their exciting and timely preview galleries and we love seeing the photos they also share on social media! We hope everyone is having a great summer season and if you are a prospective family portrait client or recently engaged couple feel free to head over to the contact page as I would love to chat! Also in the meantime we hope you’ll enjoy browsing the years and years of highlight posts here on the blog and you can also read more about our client experiences on the testimonials page.

Thanks again! – Katie Kaizer

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