Here is a project near and dear to my heart.

‘Healing With Horses’ a short slideshow with interviews from the week I spent with Marion Therapeutic Riding Association , a PATH International accredited Equine Therapy Center. This organization is amazing. It would mean the world to me if you could watch this video and hear their story.

I have always been around horses and I truly believe in their healing power. I was intrigued by Equine Therapy and had always wanted to learn more. After attending The Foundation Workshop last January I felt truly inspired to work on my craft as a visual storyteller and I was ready to pursue this project. In March I spent a week at this amazing center documenting different stories. They told me on day one that tiny miracles happen everyday and I feel truly blessed to have spent time at the center photographing their community.

MTRA’s Mission:  to offer the miraculous benefits of therapeutic horseback riding to persons of all ages and capabilities that are physically, mentally or emotionally challenged. Serving the heart of Florida since 1985, Marion Therapeutic Riding Association (MTRA) is a PATH Premier Accredited organization.

Please visit The Marion Therapeutic Riding Association Website where you can learn more and make a donation which will help make a difference in someone’s life.

Here is a beautiful excerpt from their website about all of the amazing people they work with

“MTRA’s clients are very diverse, running the gamut from young children to senior citizens. Our youngest client is 4, while our oldest on the books is 78. Our program is designed to address the specific abilities of each rider. In addition to the varied ages of our clients, each client faces a different set of physical, mental or emotional circumstances. Over the years, the program has assisted clients with autism, attention deficit, multiple sclerosis, stroke, paralysis and spinal cord injuries, amputees, Down Syndrome, head trauma, and many other physical, emotional and mental challenges. Because each client has a unique set of needs, every lesson is customized to match the skills and abilities.

One thing is certain—all of our clients are all courageous, hopeful and eager to forge the bond between horse and human. Once the connection is made, it is nearly unbreakable. That’s when miracles can begin. Our goal is to help clients achieve their personal best, to the highest level of their own individual capabilities.”