Cristin and Hayley’s Nantucket Wedding – Wild Weather, Adorable Rescue Pup, Lots of Love and Incredible Dancing

Cristin and Hayley were married on June 22nd 2019 on Nantucket Island. This day was unlike any other for many special reasons, and to add to the excitement we had a series of intense thunder storms roll over the island without warning.  Early in the day we went to Brant Point Lighthouse for a few portraits with Scout, the couple’s beloved rescue pup, and it was all blue skies and sunshine. As we left we noticed a few pretty clouds rolling in, but never could have realized what was about to unfold!  As the couple exchanged vows in between rain showers, the thunder rolled, and everyone cheered as these two kissed and officially became Mrs. & Mrs. The energy of the day was wildly fun and it is no surprise that these two, their family and friends, weren’t phased at all by the wild weather.  Instead, everyone embraced it and we got to make some of the most incredible portraits right at twilight while another storm rolled over us. We loved hearing more about why the couple chose Hayley’s Father’s home for the wedding and what they love about Nantucket!

“The wedding was held at Hayley’s dads’, Bill Richards and Gary McBournie, home in Nantucket.  It was incredibly special to have the wedding at their home for two reasons. The first reason is that Hayley and her family had been spending time there for about 7 years. The home was designed and decorated by both Bill and Gary and filled with happy memories of both friends and family. The second reason is that Nantucket has been a fun-filled, adventurous place to grow our relationship. We love to share it with friends and family to making new memories there. The brewery isn’t so bad either!”

I asked our lovely brides what stuck with them as an extra memorable part of their day and of course it was hard to choose…”This is a really tough question because the entire day exceeded all expectations, including the unpredictable storm that rolled through! If we had to choose, it would definitely be between the moment where you pulled us outside for that amazing picture with the storm clouds (such a “wow” moment) and during the last song, “Hey Jude, and seeing all of our friends and family surrounding us, singing, dancing and having the most amazing time.”

I’d have to say the dancing photos during the end of the night and during ‘Hey Jude’ were some of our favorites too. The love these two share knows no boundaries, and is an inspiration to everyone they meet.  I have felt so honored to get to know Cristin and Hayley throughout their engagement and wedding celebration. During all of this we feel as though we have made new, lifelong friends and look forward to more dog walks together in the years to come and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Cristin and Hayley!

Special thanks to Cary Tozer for photographing this wedding with me!

Wedding Coordinator: Alisha Carney, Entertaining Designer: Lulu PowersFlowers: Flowers on ChestnutBeer and Wine: BRIX Wine Shop, Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography, Officiant: Cristin’s Aunt Gail Vilade,  Tent: Nantucket Party RentalsTent Drapery: The Event Rental Co.Bridal Hair: Mariah WolfeBridal Makeup: Katarina Fiumara CervenovaBand: East Coast Soul, Stax, Cristin’s Suit – 9TailorsHayley’s Dress – Hayley Paige 

Enjoy! – Katie K.


Thanks to our brides for their willingness to step off the dance floor (really for just a few short minutes) to make some fun portraits as the thunder storms rolled back over us. This was some of the craziest weather we have ever seen on Nantucket!

In addition to the amazing dance moves our brides can SING. Hayley took to the stage and performed ‘Natural Woman’ by Aretha Franklin with the band and everyone was captivated by her voice! We loved seeing Cristin join her on stage too!

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