Breanne & Kevin’s Summer Wedding on Nantucket – The Brant Point Lighthouse and The White Elephant


Breanne and Kevin had a beautiful Summer Wedding on July 12th 2015. They were married at The Brant Point Lighthouse and had their reception at The White Elephant. Kevin’s father was the officiant and their dog Rangeley was their ring bearer! I loved meeting Breanne and Kevin over a year ago and was so happy to photograph their special day!

During the ceremony we learned more about how the two had met. Later I asked  Breanne for the more detailed version! I  love that they have a passion for adventure…”We took the same scuba diving course in college, but initially, we were placed in different sections… Fast-forward to the semester’s culminating trip to sunny Florida in December. We both managed to miss the meeting where students carpooled. Knowing we needed to be there in 48 hours and how difficult driving solo would be with the time crunch, our instructors had us exchange contact info. So, on December 26, 2008, naturally as any fairy tale begins, we met in an IHOP parking lot to begin our trip to the Keys.”

In addition to Scuba Diving the couple shares a love for other fun adventurous activities on the island. They had a small wedding and really loved sharing the charm of the island with all of their guests. We could tell that it was important to share such a special place with their family and loved ones. A little more about their connection to they island….”We both have strong ties to the island. Breanne’s uncle lives on Nantucket year round, and she was lucky enough to grow up vacationing there almost every summer. Biking to the beach, swimming with the dogs, and dinners on the wraparound porch became a staple of every July. Kevin has fallen in love with the island for different reasons: the amount of conservation land and pure,  old town vibe provides him with an escape that’s nearly impossible to match elsewhere. We could think of no better wedding venue than one that allowed us to share our love for the island, which has become a part of us individually and our story as a couple….and we knew the White Elephant was the most appropriate venue to give our guests the ultimate Nantucket harbor experience.”

And speaking of the ‘ultimate harbor experience’ we had a lot of fun out photographing on the docks! Having known that they were an adventurous pair I was excited when I saw my friend Mike driving my friend, Joe’s boat, The Scupzilla. I immediately called over to him and in no time Breanne and Kevin had hopped aboard this classic little Nantucket boat for a few photo ops! We really loved their willingness to seize the moment and it made for some great photos!

“The Boat moment as we spontaneously got on board Katie’s friends boat for a few photos! It’s sign of the adventures to come! Also, we were honored by how far our loved ones traveled, and the heart-felt words said during the toasts. We also have a lovely first dance video accompanied by a (later in the evening) silly first dance video. We loved it all!”

There were so many fun moments throughout the day! We loved that they had their sweet black lab Rangeley along as the ring bearer and we loved photographing him!!  To top off an amazing night we had fun with sparklers out on the lawn! We sincerely loved being part of this wedding and meeting everyone! We hope to see Breanne and Kevin again soon and wish them all on all of their upcoming adventures as a married couple!

Special thanks to my 2nd shooter Cary Tozer!!

Photography: Katie Kaizer Photography, Reception: White Elephant, Flowers: Betsey Brooks Floral & Design, Hair & Make Up: Darya Salon & Spa, Bride’s Dress: Maggie Sottero, Bridesmaids’ Dresses : Jim Hjelm, Rings: DeScenzas 

Enjoy! – Katie K.


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