Aly and Ken’s Nantucket Engagement Session


Congratulations Aly and Ken! This sweet couple is getting married in just under three months in New Jersey but was excited to do their Engagement Session here on Nantucket, a place they both love so much!

From Aly….”I love Nantucket because even when I think it’s impossible to love Ken any more, I fall in love with him all over again when we are there.  You can just feel how special this place is and how many stories the island holds.  I’ll never forget our first trip up here together for New Year’s Eve in 2014.  It was freezing and a blizzard but weather couldn’t stop us from having the best time.  We went to the beach (Cisco) for sunset and I remember thinking that I was truly, the luckiest girl in the world.”

Ken also loves the island. I wanted to hear more about their story and Ken’s parents actually live here year round now! “I love Nantucket, it is my favorite place in the world.  I have been coming with my family since the summer of 1995.  It’s where we grew up in the summer.  My family purchased a home in the 2000s and my parents have even started to live on island for most of the year.  I was so excited to share this special place with Aly.  Her first time on island was New Year’s Eve 2014.  We started the weekend off strong with our first meal at Lola, we danced at the Box, we even had to change our travel plans due to weather (a Nantucket rite of passage!). Ever since that weekend we have spent countless days on the Rock loving every moment.”

The two also have the cutest story ever about their past. Turns out they have know each other a long time AND knew they wanted to end up together….”Ken and I first met in high school.  When we were teenagers he told me he would marry me and we went back and forth for years about how we would one day end up together! 10 years later, he FINALLY asked me on our first date! I’ll never forget how nervous I was getting ready to meet him.  I must have tried on twenty-two outfits!  The night was perfect and the rest is history.  Timing was everything.  I was living in San Francisco at the time, so our wild romance started on the West Coast.  It was magical, cosmic and completely swept me off my feet.  So much so, that we never even once questioned the distance.  We knew that no matter what, home is where the heart is and I would end up back on the East Coast.  Luckily, the same angels in heaven that we swear brought us together brought me back to New York City in June of 2014.”

We had such an amazing Nantucket evening for their Engagement Session! We started off in town and then, since Ken’s family are members at The Westmoor Club we stopped over there for a few photos. The light was amazing set against the view of downtown Nantucket. From there we went to a favorite Madaket Harbor spot, the little bridge and down to splash around in the surf for the rest of sunset. Aly and Ken are so at ease with each other and I just loved seeing them enjoy the beach!

“The engagement photo was a great experience.  I loved it because it made Aly feel like the most special girl in the world and it showed off the beauty of Nantucket.”

I am wishing them a wonderful wedding and hoping to see them again soon on Nantucket!!

Enjoy! – Katie K.


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